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Eko i My nr 2.2015

„Eko i My” Magazine

„Eko i My” is an all-Polish monthly magazine providing information about the protection of environment from all around the world. „Eko i My” was established in 1994. Our articles present global and important issues: climate, waste, water and air pollutions, education, tourism, food, agriculture, animal welfare. We promote good campaigns, answer difficult questions, discuss about the environmental problems.

We help our readers to make their life more greener, teach how to protect the environment around us. We cooperate with many institutions – environmental departments, State Forests, foundations, non-governmental organisations,
schools and universities.

Contact us:

Wydawnictwo Studio Puenta
ul. 1 Maja 2, 05-825 Grodzisk Maz., skr.pocz. 138

Phone: +48 662 119 618
e-mail: redakcja@ekoimy.most.org.pl

Eko i My nr 7.2015

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